Rock Your Reel

My name is Daniel Judah and I am a timelapse photographer from Toronto. While I am now a photographer, my first creative passion was music. I played music in bands for many years and have always had a tremendous amount of respect for the work of Big Wreck. They are Canadian icons and it would be an absolute pleasure to work on a music video with them. Below you will find samples of my timelapse work, as well as a biography and written concept of my vision for the music video.

Timelapse Reel


In 2018, Daniel decided to pursue his love of photography full time, working as a freelance photographer with a primary focus on timelapse photography. Prior to his career as a photographer, Daniel worked several years in the film industry. In 2015, Daniel started work as Production Coordinator for Legend 3D, a Toronto based VFX studio. Daniel went on to become the Compositing Department Manager for Legend 3D, managing a team of 200 compositing artists. During his tenure, Daniel oversaw the 3D conversion of several feature films, including Pirates of the Caribbean 5 (2017) and Spiderman Homecoming (2017). From 2013 to 2014, Daniel worked as a Project Manager for an educational video game company in Ottawa. He oversaw the work of three production teams and delivered a total of 20 games, which taught students the fundamentals of math. Daniel holds a BA from the University of Toronto in Political Science, as well as a post graduate certificate from Sheridan College in Video Game Design. Daniel is a certified Project Manager from the Project Management Institute.  


My concept is to create a timelapse music video for the song "Alibi." The video will chronicle the travels of a tour van on the road as it makes its way to the next stop on the tour. Each clip will be a timelapse sequence, which will feature the main subject, the van. The landscape and environment will change after each clip, but the van will always be present in each scene. The van will remain stationary during each timelapse, while the the environment around the van moves on (mainly traffic and clouds). There will be 9 sections for the video to match the musical transitions that exist in the song.  Each section will be shot at a particular time of day and will be colour graded individually to emphasize the transition between sections. The opening and ending scene will be shot at the same time of day, representing the end of the cycle and the start of a new one. 

  1. Daytime (0:00 - 0:50) - The video opens in the daytime. The sky is blue and full of clouds as the van moves across the Canadian landscape.

  2. Sunset (0:50 - 1:23) - The sky is full of vibrant colours as the sun sets and the scene transitions into night. The sky will be illuminated with orange and red as the sun sets beyond the horizon. 

  3. Twilight (1:23 - 1:56) - The sun has set as the setting changes to a dark blue twilight. The timelapses in this scene will be taken during blue hour and will be feature transitional timelapses from twilight to night. 

  4. Night (1:56 - 2:29) - The sky is black and the van is now illuminated by internal lights. The lights from cars will now appear as streaks of light as they pass by. 

  5. Stars (2:29 - 3:02) - This section will feature astrophotography timelapses as well as timelapses of the moon moving across the sky. 

  6. City  (3:02 - 3:19) - The van is now in the city. Buildings will be vividly illuminated and the amount of traffic around the van will increase. 

  7. At Venue  (3:19 - 3:35) - The van is now at the venue and the internal lights of the van are now off. This signifies that the band is at the venue, playing their concert. This section will be one continuous long shot. 

  8. Night to Morning Transition (3:35 - 4:42) - The van has left the venue and is back on the road.  All of these timelapses will be taken at various points during sunrise and golden hour. Each time through the chorus, the light becomes more intense as the sun rises. There will be a gradual increase from darkness to light.

    1. (3:35 - 3:51) Still mostly at night as the van is back on the road. 

    2. (3:51 - 4:08) The sunlight starts peaking above the horizon.

    3. (4:08 - 4:25) The sky is lit with vibrant yellows and oranges as the sun starts to rise. 

    4. (4:25 - 4:41) The sun is higher and the landscape is lit with its's golden light.

  9. Daytime Again (4:42 - 4:58) - The last section repeats the same same colours as the opening daytime scene, blue skies and white clouds. 

© 2019 by Daniel Judah